Not your typical vacation slideshow. Chip Conley redefines what vacation really means by giving us tantalizing glimpse of the 300 best festivals in the world.

Not too long ago Chip Conley decided to become the world’s foremost authority on festivals. As founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, and more recently as Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy at airbnb, he understands the power of cultural curiosity.

He founded Fest 300 to make the best festivals in the world accessible to everyone, and give a little glimpse into what’s possible when you step outside your normal routine. More than that, it is an invitation to get culturally curious, a chance for us to experience our collective effervescence. 

Chip’s TEDx Constitution Drive talk was designed to give the audience a few tantalizing tastes of the vast banquet of human experiences that festivals have to offer. From the 100-million-person pilgrimage that is the Khubh Mela in India to the 60,000-person party that is Burning Man in the Nevada desert, we learn that both the sacred and the profane are invitations, ultimately, to connect with one another.

The Project

Working from a tight outline that Chip created we collaborated closely with the Fest 300 team to curate and collect the best images from around the world. That meant combing through an archive of literally thousands of images, and organizing them in a visual flow that matched the storyline, telegraphed the emotions and mirrored the meaning behind the words.

In a highly visual presentation such as this, sequence is key. We worked together with Chip to flesh out a storyline that had just the right amount of humor, enlightenment, practical advice, personality and flow to both entertain and inspire.

In the end, we wanted to design a journey of both sight and sound, to give a sense of what it’s like to be there, and to give a sense of what can be discovered when you widen your cultural horizons. To bring you face to face with the highest expression of the human spirit, whether it’s in a Balinese temple or on an Ibiza dance floor.

Writer E.M Forster’s last piece of advice to the world before he died was, “Only connect.” Festivals have always been our place to connect. That’s more important today than ever. 

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Client: Chip Conley

Project: Finding Our Humanity at Festivals  TEDx Talk

Services: Presentation design, copywriting 


“I thought it was only in romance that you could say he or she ‘could finish my sentences for me.’ I’ve come to learn that Alison and Matt don’t just finish my sentences, but they also create visual imagery and a storyline that is both profound and persuasive. Based upon my very enjoyable time working with Alimat, my speeches are more moving, more memorable, and pack much more meaning. I can’t say enough about these two.”

Chip Conley
Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels
Author of PEAK and Emotional Equations
Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy at Airbnb