What are your ideas made of? We want to know—and to help you find out. 

We believe in the velocity of ideas. We act as collaborators and trusted advisors to founders, executives, authors, futurists, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Our clients have experienced millions of views on TED.com, standing ovations at corporate events, and top-trending videos at major conferences. 

Our passion is helping people connect, convince, and inspire. Whether it’s a conference keynote, an all-hands meeting, or a world-changing idea, we’ll help you craft a compelling story that will make an impression. 

Most likely, you know what you want to say and who you want to reach. We help you with the how. We’ll extract the essence of your idea, structure a compelling narrative, and bring it to life with custom-tailored language and arresting visuals. Our approach pays off: Clients have experienced significant increases in business, referrals, and speaking opportunities, as our testimonials attest. 

Our expertise combines four-plus decades in our respective fields. Alison Macondray held senior editorial and producer positions at top publishing houses and web sites, including seven-plus years at Wired.com. Matt Clark led design departments at frog design and Astro Studios before going independent. 

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