Defined Inspiration. Chip Conley breaks down the art and science of innovation at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Chip Conley founded Joie de Vivre Hotels at age 26 when he transformed a seedy, no-tell-motel into The Phoenix, a now legendary rock-n-roll hotel and crossroads for the creative. Over the last 25 years he has built over 50 award-winning hotels, as well as one of the most innovative, self-actualized company cultures in any industry. 

A sought-after speaker, Chip has given hundreds of talks based on his best-selling books on the intersection of psychology, philosophy, and entrepreneurial business. Collaborating closely for this new talk, we updated key slides and brought new concepts to life around the practices that allow any company to create a habitat for innovation. 

The result is a visual and editorial style that’s intelligent, multi-dimensional, funny and just a little bit profound–like the man himself.  

Chip delivers his new talk to leaders in the hospitality industry. 


Client: Chip Conley

Project: Creating Habitats for Innovation

Services: Presentation design, speechwriting 


“I thought it was only in romance that you could say he or she ‘could finish my sentences for me.’ I’ve come to learn that Alison and Matt don’t just finish my sentences, but they also create visual imagery and a storyline that is both profound and persuasive. Based upon my very enjoyable time working with Alimat, my speeches are more moving, more memorable, and pack much more meaning. I can’t say enough about these two.”

Chip Conley
Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels
Author of PEAK and Emotional Equations
Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy at Airbnb