Change your mind. Ancient cultures provide modern insight for photographer Lisa Kristine. We helped bring their wisdom into focus at a mind-opening conference. 

Reflections on Presence in Ancient Cultures, presented at Wisdom 2.0 

Browse the spirituality section of your local bookstore, and you’ll come away thinking the West hungers for presence. “Actually,” says Lisa Kristine, “we’re terrified of it. Somehow we’ve grown afraid of being with ourselves.” 

Lisa wrestles with mindfulness as much as anyone. But her own spiritual life has been immeasurably enriched by time spent photographing ancient cultures around the globe. From silent moments with a seven-year-old monk in Bhutan to a long conversation about gratitude with a San bushman in the Kalahari, Lisa always finds awe-inspiring wisdom in people living close to the Earth. 

When the Wisdom 2.0 conference invited Lisa to deliver an afternoon keynote sharing insights from her travels, she was honored. And challenged. How to you fit three decades of life-changing lessons into a 20-minute talk? 

We began by interviewing Lisa for hours, drawing out her deepest truths and beliefs. Her photographs served as great touchstones for our conversation, helping us find stories that we might have otherwise missed. During the scriptwriting process, we collaborated with Lisa to make sure the presentation would inspire and challenge her audience. Finally, we rehearsed the talk together until her delivery reflected the energy and intention of the message.

We’re always inspired by new ideas, but it’s often the oldest ones that become our greatest aspiration. Lisa’s experience is a rich illustration of why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world. 

Slide deck for Reflections on Presence in Ancient Cultures


Client: Lisa Kristine

Project: Wisdom 2.0 talk: Reflections on Presence in Ancient Cultures

Services: Script writing, presentation design


“Alison and Matt are amazing extractors of essence. If you want to convey a message and really get across the very best presentation, they will deliver while simultaneously making the process one of discovery. Not only are they epically brilliant and talented, they are some of the deepest souls I know. Plus, they have a furry couch in their creative room. :)”  

Lisa Kristine
Humanitarian Photographer
Lucie Award winner
TEDx and Widsom 2.0 speaker