How big is your vision? Most people think visionaries are born that way. But vision can be learned. A master coach shows us how.  

Achieving parity for women in corporate and civic leadership is vital to the evolution of our communities, our country and our world. Here’s the hitch — at the current pace, it will take women 300 years to achieve parity in corporate executive ranks. The pace is equally glacial for women entrepreneurs.

Kate Purmal isn’t willing to wait that long. Kate’s been on all sides of the equation: Fortune 1000 executive, CEO and founder of five start-ups, and coach to dozens of women executives and entrepreneurs. “Even the most brilliant and ambitious women don’t play big enough,” she says. “We fail to leverage the power of a clear, bold and compelling vision to raise investment capital, secure executive sponsorship, and lead and inspire others.”

Kate has deconstructed why visionaries act more boldly and take intelligent risks, and how any woman can learn how to do the same. We helped bring Kate’s teachings to life, from foundational concepts to a full script and resonant visuals and gripping story arc.

Her vision is finding an audience. Within 60 days of launching her platform, Kate had booked nine speaking engagements and secured a spot as a guest lecture at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. Visit her site to engage her as a speaker or a coach. (Trust us: Do it.) 



Client: Kate Purmal

Project: Custom Presentation

Services: Presentation design, speechwriting 


“My collaboration with Alison and Matt brought my speaking platform to life in a way that I never imagined possible. Not only did they help shape my ideas into a cohesive and compelling thought leadership platform, they brought it to life, blending just the right images and brilliant phrases to create a lasting emotional impact on my audience. Within 60 days of launching my new Vision Project Prezi, I had booked nine speaking engagements and secured a spot as a guest lecturer at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. In less than three months my investment has paid for itself almost three times over in speaking fees and consulting and coaching assignments, with more than a dozen new clients. The success that has come from this delightful collaboration with Matt and Alison has far exceeded my expectations.”

Kate Purmal
Strategy consultant and coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs