How-To for Your Inner Guru. Denise Brosseau breaks down the seven steps to innovation, leadership and thoughtful empire building.

Denise presenting "Ready to Be a Thought Leader?" at Talks at Google

Ever wonder how the experts became “go-to” authorities in their field? As women’s leadership pioneer and serial entrepreneur Denise Brosseau knows, anyone can have a great idea. The ability to replicate and scale that idea into sustainable change is the hallmark of a true thought leader. 

Denise learned the importance of thought leadership first-hand early in her career, as founding CEO of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (now Watermark) and co-founder of Springboard, which has led to over $6 billion in funding for women entrepreneurs.  Today she acts as agent, coach, strategist and advisor to other entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to make their own leap from leader to thought leader. 

Denise has spoken to tens of thousands of people worldwide. But when she was preparing for the launch of her first book, she said, “I knew I had to up the quality of my speaking materials in order to gain traction for my message.”

The Project

We distilled the essence of Denise’s teachings into a 40-minute talk, choosing the most resonant stories, anecdotes and stats that would bring her framework to life. The slides feature a vibrant visual style, with funny asides and a career-spanning set of knowledge and wisdom. The modular, adaptable format allows Denise to modify the talk for keynotes, breakout sessions, and half-and full-day programs.

The Impact

The first time Denise presented the talk, three women came up and told her they wanted to join her movement, “the first time that has ever happened and exactly what I’d been hoping for,” she said.  Denise has since given her talk hundreds of times, growing her movement audience by audience.  

What do you want to be known for?  Work with Denise to find out. Then contact us to take your vision on the road.  

Full slide deck from Denise Brosseau's "Ready to Be a Thought Leader?"; key slides below.


Client: Denise Brosseau

Project: Thought Leadership Talk  

Services: Script writing, presentation design, custom graphics 


“When I began to plan for the launch of my first book, I knew I had to up the quality of my speaking materials in order to gain traction for my message. I have worked with a lot of design teams over the years but thankfully, a trusted colleague recommended Matt and Alison. They are the dream team. Alison has such a warm personality and from the first she believed wholeheartedly in me and my message. She clearly explained the Alimat methodology, and throughout she demonstrated an exceptional ability to really listen. Add to that Matt’s skill at turning out gorgeous slides that helped bring my concepts to life in a stunningly designed presentation full of lessons, stories, and visual surprises, and you know why they have so many happy clients. The first time I tested the presentation, three audience members asked to join my movement — the first time this has ever happened and exactly what I’d been hoping for. To sum up the experience, I would say: They made me a better me. I know they can do the same for you.”

Denise Brosseau
CEO, Thought Leadership Lab