The Hope Dealers. Engaging speakers, beat boxers, urban athletes, and live artists unite to motivate high school students to realize their dreams.

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The Power of 10 Event is a high-octane high school assembly, featuring hip hop, beat box, onstage art, Parkour, and professional athletes. The show has a powerful message for students: Their future is not cast in stone; they can discover and live their dreams. The show itself is riveting, even life changing for students.

Since the shows are 100% sponsor-funded—and unique in their field—The Power of 10 team needed a killer sales tool. We told their story in a presentation that’s wild and fun, with layered graphics and video. Working in Prezi allowed us to break out of the linear slide format and create a broad canvas with as much color and dynamism as the show itself.


Client: The Power of Ten

Project: The Power of Ten Event Prezi

Services: Presentation design, custom graphics, writing, editing


“Working with Alison and Matt is so satisfying! Not only do I have the joy of knowing I’m working with the best content/design team around, but I enjoy the humor, smarts, and passion they bring to each project. We often get requests for high-profile presentations for TED, academia, and industry conferences. We trust them to build them from the ground up and have heard nothing but amazing feedback from our customers. We’ve even hired them to help us with internal projects, because they stand out from other designers: They understand the art of building a story and creating visuals to complement the storyline. I feel lucky to work with them every time.”

Angelie Agarwal, Ph.D.
Former Chief Evangelist, Prezi