Mixing Messages. Creating a distinctive voice for a brand known for climbing, yoga and
streetwear, with a touch of propaganda for peace, love, and mindfulness.  

We’re honored to contribute copy to prAna’s marketing materials, helping the company evolve an editorial voice reflective of its culture and beliefs.

In prAna’s seasonal catalogs, easter eggs of humor and thoughtfulness pop up where one might ordinarily expect something mundane.

In addition to headlines and captions, longer pieces communicate the experience of being outdoors, laid alongside prAna's stunning photography. Breakout editorials describe the company's climbing origins and partnerships with organizations such as the Access Fund. 

Fall 2011 Hiking/Climbing flavor breaks:

Crisp air fills our lungssweet smell of pine. Golden light descends on our approach as we warm our bones, cool dry stone ready for the vertical dance.

Fall condenses days, cold pressed, clear and concentrated. Your focused attention is suddenly availablemind, body, and conditions are in sync. Cool crisp temps, a slight breeze dries the fingertips as they feel for the next hold, breath smooth and steady. Muscles firing, shoe rubber sticks like glue, everyone’s on their game.

Summer 2010 Climbing Heritage Editorial:

We’ve Got Rocks In Our Bones
When we started prAna 18 years ago we were all climbers, learning how to live in the outdoors and dance on the rock. We wanted apparel that allowed freedom of movement and materials to withstand the rigors—clothes to live in. We apply these principles to everything we make.

Climbing taught us the importance of being present. You’re in the flow because there’s consequence. Even at prAna headquarters, we seek moments of inspiration by pausing in mindful silence when we ring a gong every afternoon. A clean perspective helps us approach every new situation with a beginner’s mind, just like approaching an undiscovered route.

Spring 2011 Access Fund Editorial:

Partner Spotlight: Access Fund
We don’t take access for granted. That’s why since 1995 prAna has actively supported Access Fund, a national advocacy organization that helps keep U.S. climbing areas open and preserved. Access Fund guides national land management policies and buys at-risk climbing areas. At a local level, Access Fund offers one-on-one guidance, educational resources, and programs such as litter clean-up and trail construction. We share their vision of a world where climbers are stewards, not just “users” of the land. We honor all the unsung heroes who help maintain the natural world in their own back yards, for future generations they may never meet. 


Client: prAna

Project: Editorial Copy 

Services: Copy writing, brand positioning 


“This is a testimonial for my favorite two copywriters in all the world, Alison and Matt. They’ve been writing copy for us for three years now and have nailed the complex essence of our brand, prAna. We offer sustainably made apparel for active lifestyles. We have a rich heritage in outdoor sports like rock climbing and have been deep in the yoga market for two decades. Our brand communications often convey our values associated with sustainability, wellness, social causes, fair trade and mindful living. We have a roster of diverse athletes, outdoor adventurists, climbers, yogis, artists and activists who have incredible stories to tell. Ours is a complex brand that can transcend demographics, markets, product categories and geographies, and we have to keep our core followers intrigued while reaching out to a new audience.

What I am saying is that the copywriting assignments at prAna are quite difficult and we consistently count on Matt and Alison to do the heavy lifting for our brand messaging. They have a collaborative approach and refreshing communication style that’s empowering. They have a knack for pulling out the nuggets when we get rambling during interviews. Our conversations are always stimulating and they don’t miss a thing. They turn these random thoughts into our consumer facing voice that connects to our values and deeply resonates with our audience. They ‘get it’ and are a lot of fun to work with. We hope to be able to count on them for many more seasons of compelling brand story telling.”

Beaver Theodosakis
Founder, prAna


“They have a unique ability to communicate ideas, with a poetry and romance to the language that’s hard to replicate. They ask great questions, intuitively grasp what we want to say, and then produce copy that is surprising, delightful, and sophisticated. Their work has helped us articulate and evolve our brand voice at prAna. They are proactive, professional, and extremely collaborative and responsive to feedback. Plus they’re fun to work with! They’re one of the first creative teams I think of when we’re cooking up new projects.”

Nikki Larson Sakelliou
Former Marketing Director, prAna