A new presentation tool for a master storyteller. One of the top real estate agents in Silicon Valley gets a new twist on the in-home pitch.

Mike Dreyfus sells high-end real estate in Silicon Valley. His sales are some of the highest ever recorded in Atherton and Palo Alto, and his boutique agency is thriving.

Walking into homes priced $3 million and up, Mike needs to quickly answer the question, “why should I give you my business?” He wanted a new way of telling his story, different from the typical spiral-bound PDFs agents typically use.

We interviewed Mike extensively, honing in on the essence of his business. What’s the Dreyfus DNA? How does Dreyfus Properties approach a sale differently from competing agencies? We took advantage of Prezi’s grouping and zooming capabilities so Mike can focus on the big picture if time is limited, or drill into details depending on where the seller wants to go.

Imagery and wording is high-level and iconic, so agents can customize their talking points. It’s organized around storytelling, core to Mike’s presentation style. We also delivered an accompanying script, with proposed bulleted talking points for each point in the presentation.  

Mike’s agents have embraced this new way of presenting. Marketing director Marissa Myers writes: “One of our agents used the prezi to close a huge listing with a seller within weeks of adding it to her presentation strategy.”


Client: Michael Dreyfus, Dreyfus Sotheby's International Realty

Custom Prezi

Services: Prezi design, custom graphics, writing and editing


“They were diligent at getting to the heart of what we’re about and what we wanted to express. That attention and time spent on understanding what we wanted to say really came out when they created the presentation. The mechanics are one thing, but flushing out what we wanted to say was outstanding. Not everyone can pull your story out of you, help you organize it, and help you express it. The prezi they created is on the bleeding edge, so we’re doing something that will be relevant for quite a while, not something that we’ll re-do quickly.”

Michael Dreyfus
Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty 


“I love working with a team that gets the horse in the barn. They get what we want to say, express it better than we ever could, and really know how to close a project. It’s been a delight to build a partnership with Alison and Matt, who are helping Dreyfus Properties tell our story across multiple platforms — prezi, book, and website. This unique combination of old and new media has wowed our sales agents and prospective sellers. One of our agents used the prezi to close a huge listing with a seller within weeks of adopting the technology.”

Marissa Myers
Director of Marketing 
Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty