Change your thinking, change your results. Easier said than done, right? Martha Borst personifies that message, and people listen.

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Organizational development consultant and leadership coach Martha Borst has helped over 20,000 individuals design dynamic cultures, achieve self mastery, and consistently operate at peak performance. She has plenty to say; the opportunity for us lay in the how.

We collaborated closely to create a presentation to accompany one of Martha’s keynote speeches, delivered to several hundred corporate executives. Her presentation begain with her own inspiring personal story, leading into the importance of clarity, choice, and courage. She also introduced key concepts that help individuals and organizations reach new levels of competence and navigate change.

Our approach was highly visual, designed to support Martha’s considerable stage presence and natural storytelling skills. We wove the theme of water throughout: Water’s ability to move around obstacles, to inevitably shape its surroundings over time, and to go with the flow.

Prezi was a great tool in this endeavor. It helped us reflect the grand sweep of her ideas, as well as the ability to walk audiences through complex concepts in a non-linear fashion.


Client: Martha Borst, President and Senior Partner of Avista Consulting Group

Project: Custom Prezi

Services: Presentation Design, Conent Strategy, Writing and Editing


“Partnering with Alison and Matt to design a Prezi presentation for my keynote speech was an extremely productive, positive experience. Alison quickly grasped the essence of my message and added creative ideas and quotes that enhanced my speech. They formulated a theme that pulled the entire presentation together in a way that enhanced my original idea, and Matt produced the perfect poignant images that spoke a thousand words. I was amazed at how quickly they worked and how easily they produced a superb product that far exceeded my expectations. There is nothing better than working with professionals who know what they’re doing and do it well! My Fortune 500 clients are continually impressed with their work and so am I.”

Martha Borst
President, Senior Partner
Avista Consulting Group, Inc.